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The Wine Business

Wineguys Radio and The Biz of Wine

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Keith, William and Jordan Kivelstadt talk about the Business of Wine aka the Beverage Industry, it is what it is. And we always encourage everyone to check out sites like www.winebusiness.com and others…Google it ! Example: US to review online marketing of beer, liquor and wine In an ambitious venture, the Federal Trade Commission is requiring 14 major alcoholic beverage producers to release information about their Internet and digital marketing efforts.

We feel in the end it all does matter, if we undersstand a little bit about an industry like the Wine Industry ultimately it will help us enjoy that juice in the glass. That little tid bit about Internet and Digital Marketing efforts that 14 producers are releasing may inspire a conversation over that glass of wine this evening and if not thats ok, maybe next time!

One more thing… Keith Miller gives his take on Global Warming !!!

Our Guests in Studio…






Wineguys radio


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