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Wines of Austria

Wineguys Radio and Austria

Mark Johnson of Phoenix Distributing comes into the studio with a wine bag full of wines from Austria (wines below) , BUY AUSTRIAN WINES”  – Wineguys Radio Says

Austrian Wine: Small is beautiful – that is what best describes Austrian wine, when put into international perspective. There are no run of the mill wines, but rather a rare speciality. Austrian wine is one of the most interesting phenomena happening in the world right now. The wines are found on every good wine list, are appreciated by wine experts and highly acclaimed by journalists. It is not uncommon to talk of an Austrian wine wonder. Visit ( www.phoenixdistributing.com  ) for more info on these wines and much, much more.

Wines that were tasted

  • ANTON BAUER, Gmork, Gruner Veltliner 2011 SRP $12.99,  WGR Say’s ”Yummy”
  • ANTON BAUER , Wagram Pinot Noir, 2008 SRP $17.99,  WGR Say’s “Love It”
  • Leo Hillinger Small Hill Rosé SRP $15.99,  WGR Say’s “Delicious”
  • TEGERNSEERHOF , Grüner Veltliner 2011 T26,  WGR Say’s ”Serious”
  • Netzl, Carnuntum Cuvee 2010 SRP $17.99, WGR Say’s “Venison”



Visit www.phoenix-distributing.com  and www.Austrianwine.com


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