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TheMeNetwork and Guy Drew

Wineguys Radio, Wine and AP’s?

Listen Now Segment 1 of 4 We firmly believe that permission is NOT persistent. That’s why MeNetwork is an on-demand system that puts the consumer in charge of exactly what they receive, and when they receive it. MeNetwork also puts the world’s most powerful and flexible 360-degree mobile marketing platform at each merchant’s fingertips so they can create their own mobile campaigns and respond to changing market conditions at any time. Visit them at

Guy Drew Vineyards:  We found this beautiful property southwest of Cortez after searching for several years while maintaining our corporate careers in Denver. Beginning in 1998, we transformed a homestead hay farm in McElmo Canyon that we purchased in October 1997 into vineyards and built our straw bale winery and home. Our mission here is to make distinctive premium wines from our vineyards and offer a memorable experience for visitors to our winery in this enchanting corner of Colorado. Visit them at