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D Bar and Riesling Wrap up

Wineguys Radio February 11th 2012

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Riesling Wrap up ….

Wineguys Radio Segment 4 (Nov. 4th 2011) Doug Krenik joined us for an hour in the studio last week. Time to close it down with a Quote from Miles …

“This week is not about me. It is about you. I’m gonna show you a good time. We’re gonna drink a lot of good wine. We’re gonna play some golf. We’re gonna eat some great food and enjoy the scenery and we are going to send you off in style, mon frere”.

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Tasting Riesling in the Studio… LIVE!!!

Wineguys Radio Segment 3 (Nov. 4th 2011) Doug Krenik joined us for an hour in the studio. Dr. Loosen: Our goal is to make wines that are delicious to drink and true to their roots. When I drink a Riesling from a grand cru vineyard like Wehlener Sonnenuhr, I want to smell the blue slate soil that nourishes the fruit. I want to taste the depth of the old vines. I want to experience the character of the vintage. I want authenticity; without it, a wine is simply another beverage.

Of course, the measure of any great wine is not where it begins, but where it ends — in your glass. I hope you enjoy drinking the wines as much as we have enjoyed making them.   Ernst Loosen

  • Robert Weil 2008 Kiedrich Turmberg Trocken Riesling
  • Dr Loosen 2010 ‘Blue Slate’ Kabinett Estate Riesling
  • Dr Loosen 2010 Erdener Treppchen Spatlese Riesling
  • Dr Loosen 2008 Estate Eiswein