Wines of Adelsheim Video

Wineguys Radio After Show with the Adelsheim Wines (we wanted to make sure this video is available on Itunes also.. Hence this video post) Cheers !

Adelsheim After

Wineguys Radio and TV, the Oregon After Show Listen Now 1 of 2 Keith and William turn the camera on after the Live broadcast. Three wines of Adelsheim are discussed a bit further. Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and the Pinot Noir Reserve. Pinot Noir: One of the greatest attributes of Pinot noir is its ability to take [...]

Consumers and Wine Wrap Up

Wineguys Radio Wrap Up Listen Now Segment 4 of 4 Keith, William and Jordan Wrap up the Wine Wine Wine show. Great show had by all!  We appreciate our guests Arya Campbell and David Adelsheim calling into the studio. Great Wines and we love the spread of the price ranges.,, $13 to $55 from both producers.. Please visit  [...]

Terra Rossa and Reds

Wineguys Radio and Arya Campbell Listen Now Segment 2 of 4 Keith, William and Jordan Welcome Ayra Campbell to the show, She is the eldest daughter of Patrick and Faith Campbell, heads up the marketing of Tierra Divina Vineyards. She travels around the country to represent and promote the wines. Arya has had the pleasure of [...]


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