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We Love Food !

wineguys recipe

If you want to turn a nice glass of wine into a great experience, put it next to a delicious plate of food. Wine and food are meant to be enjoyed together and when paired properly the result is more memorable. 

With that in mind, we’d like to offer you a few of our favorite recipes from our favorite chef. Many people have a fondness for their mother’s cooking, and even though Joan is the wineguy’s mom, the fact her recipes are featured on this site is much more than a tribute to childhood memories.

Joan’s specialty is Italian, which she’ll tell you she learned from the neighbor lady and Keith’s grandmother “back in Jersey.” To these authentic beginnings she has added her own flare, improving on tradition over the years. Many of these recipes lend themselves to modification, so feel free to interpret them and make them your own.

One important guideline, though. Joan always insists on using only the finest ingredients. For a mother, food is an expression of love and those you love deserve only the very best. That’s the spirit of this site — offering you the best. We hope you enjoy the food, and that it enhances your enjoyment of the wine you drink with it! Just Click a Title Below…

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