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Pork Sandwiches

∙ Warm pork slices in a pan with a little water so they don’t dry out (if you’ve just pulled your roast out of the oven, this obviously isn’t necessary).
∙ Melt raspberry preserves in a small saucepan until liquid.
∙ Lightly toast Oroweat Sandwich Thins in the oven or toaster. They should be a little crisp but still pliable (don’t dry them out).
∙ On one half of your sandwich put a thin layer of mayonnaise (if you like it).
∙ Add a crisp lettuce leaf.
∙ Pile on a nice layer of smashed carrots and cauliflower.
∙ Next, add several slices of rockin’ roast.
∙ The temptation will be to pile on a lot of pork (it’s yummy). Resist this and use a moderate amount.
∙ On top of your pork slices smear some horseradish – not too much. You want to taste it but you don’t want to burn your mouth off.
∙ Pour some of the melted raspberry preserves over the pork.
∙ Add another layer of smashed carrots and cauliflower.
∙ Put the top on your sandwich. Take a bite. Have a sip of Red Zin and do a little dance because it’s so yummy!

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