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Port Wine Sauce

Recipe for Boysenberry Port Wine Sauce


8 slices cinnamon swirl, cinnamon raisin or other flavored bread. Cinnamon
rolls or Panetone (which can be found in stores during the holidays) are also
great for this recipe.

1 small jar Boysenberry Jam

1/2 cup Port Wine

1/4 cup water

1/4 Arrow Root


Heat Boysenberry Jam in a small sauce pan and pour in Port Wine. On the side
take water in a small bowl mix in arrow root to the consistency of milk.

Bring Jam & Port Wine to a rolling boil, reduce heat and slowly add Arrow
Root mixture until liquid is 90% to the desires thickness.

Remove from heat, mixture will
continue to thicken after pulled from heat. Common mistake is to make mixture
as thick as you want on the heat. Then after you pull it off the heat it gets
too thick. Then you add water to thin it down, thus weakening the sauce.
“Now pour the sauce over the bread or something you love and enjoy” :

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