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Restaurant Week

Wineguys Radio & Restaurant Week

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 Justin Bresler in to talk about Denver Restaurant Week… www.denverrestaurantweek.com … Great show last week, and so much information that we can all use as consumers of Dinning out !!! Enjoy and thanks for all the Support and as we say… Don’t keep us a secret!!!

Denver Restaurant Week



Wine and Denver Restaurant Week

Wineguys Radio Feb 25th, Oregon and Visit Denver..

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We had a very full studio on this day, Keith Miller (Host), Becky Creighton (co-host),  (William Davis was judging a spirits competiton) Bridget Witsel from National Distributing was in studio with Justin Kivelstadt, Qualia Winery and Silver Tap… www.QualiaWines.com and Justin Bresler also came in to talk about Denver Restaurant Week… www.denverrestaurantweek.com

Our Winery Special Guest was Steve Girard from Benton Lane, ( www.Benton-Lane.com  ) Owner and Winemaker called in “Live” from Oregon.  Again it was a very full show and we had a blast !!!

Spanish Wrap Up

Wineguys Radio February 18th 2012

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Wines of Spain… Keith Miller, William Davis and Becky Creighton along with Justin Burkhardt of Heritage Wine and Liquor Wrap up the show. Visit Justin Burkhardt and the gang at www.HeritageWineandLiquor.com

The Wine Producers on the show this week were…

Artardi Winery www.ArtardiWinery.com

Val llach www.Vallllach.com

Casteller Cava http://www.oleimports.com/wine/Casteller-Cava