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The Macon.. Is that in Georgia?

Wineguys Radio and Cave de Lugny

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Jeff Lott (Pasternak wine imports) joined us in studio (Chris Avent of Cave de Lugny called in from the east coast) recently to talk about these great wines from the Macon in France.  Can you say Great Great affordable Chardonnay!!! Drinkers who have sworn off Chardonnay because of the heavy, over-oaked style of many Californian and Australian wines ought to take another look at white Burgundy. These wines are what first made Chardonnay’s reputation, and they can reach stunning heights of quality. Happily, the local village wines in Burgundy can be great values for those looking for a break from the California style: instead of rich, buttery textures and huge body, the wines produced by Cave de Lugny and its peers are clean, crisp, packed with minerality, and tingling with acidity. Seek these wines out !!! Chardonnay from Cave de Lugny.. You will thank us and them later

We tasted 3 Chardonnays on this day…  BUY THESE WINES!

  • La Cote Blanche Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay 2010
  • Les Charmes Mâcon-Lugny Chardonnay 2009   
  • La Carte Mâcon-Lugny Chardonnay 2008

Two websites to visit today are www.pasternakwine.com

and  www.Cave-Lugny.com 

The Macon

Super Bowl, Popsicles and Wine ?

Wineguys Radio February 4th 2012 Opening

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Last week as usual we were ”LIVE” on the air (every Saturday 11 – Noon mtn. time) , we talked Super Bowl, Popsicles, Potato chips and yes it goes on and on and on. Listen in for some laughs and yes information.. Ashley the Ant chimes in from Napa, California on the happenings of wine country as only an Ant can do.  So visit these two sites…  www.aikopops.com and visit Ashley at www.ashleyteplin.com  for more info on both of them.

Thanks Chris Mosera of Aiko Pops… Wow, it was a pleasure to have you in studio!!!

“BEST POPSICLES IN THE WORLD”  Thats right we said it… We are now Popsicle Experts !!!

Fogo and Concha Wrap Up!!

Wineguys Radio January 21 Segment 4

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We had Alberto and Dan in Studio from Fogo de Chao ( visit www.FogodeChao.com ). And calling direct from Chile, Italo Jofre, aka Ambassador for the Famous Concha Y Toro Winery… these guys are making some noise again in the wine world in a big big way. Thanks to everyone for being on the Show !!!