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Traditonal and Modern Spanish Wines

Wineguys Radio February 18th 2012

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The Wine of Spain… Keith Miller, William Davis and Becky Creighton are in the Studio and joined by Justin Burkhardt of Heritage Wine and Liquor. The discussion today is all about Spain, what to look for in the Stores, Restaurants and yes the Wines themselves. Lets just say those Spanish traditions of making wine are not going away anytime soon. Hoooray!!!  Visit Justin B. at www.HeritageWineandLiquor.com

Go Buy some Spanish Wines!!!

Lighter Food, Lighter Wine

Wineguys Radio January 7th 2012 Aspen Cheese Shop and Wine Wave

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The Cheese Shop is first up today :  Alumni of The Little Nell, both Sarah (she will be on the air today) and Andrew plan to bring their passion for good quality handmade food to The Cheese Shop, but leave the sky high prices behind. The lunch menu is getting a fresh new look, with reinvented classics like grilled cheese (it is a cheese shop after all), composed salads and crockpot favorites.  Visit them at www.AspenCheeseShop.com

Joe Kelemen will be joining us in the studio today also and he is bringing some Vino !!!  Yeah for Joe and Wine Wave…Joe is the Wine Wave representative  for the State of Colorado. WineWave, Inc., based in Jericho, NY, has been established as a selective importer and marketer of fine wines and specialty spirits since 1994. . Please visit them at www.WineWave.com

The Frescobaldi Wrap Up !

Wineguys Radio November 12th 2011 (Segment 4)…  Keith Miller, William Davis, Susie Mayr and Lisa Graziano all in the studio… Lamberto Frescobaldi (Frescobaldi Estates) called in on this day and Lisa Graziano (wine buyer) of the Vineyard Wine Shop was in Studio. This is the wrap up !!!! Please visit and www.Frescobaldi.com and www.VineyardWineShop.com !!!! Thanks Leaonardo for Calling into Wineguys Radio

The wines we opened in Studio this day were:  The 2008 Nippozano Chianti Rufina Riserva, 2007 Benefizio Chardonnay, 2008 Tenuta di Castiglione Toscana IGT and the  2006 Frescobaldi Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino

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