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Butter and Politics?

Wineguys Radio heading to the East Coast

The Rhone starts here Segment 3 of 4

Christie called in from Butters Fine Food and Wine to talk about Politics, Food and yes Wine. It was a blast and yes we had some laughs and learned Obama likes “the Funk “as William Davis calls it. Check out the show and learn more :  )   Please visit www.shop.butterfinefood.com  Thanks for all your support !!!

The Freak Show

Wineguys TV …(Part 2 of 2) Episode 734: Cypher Winery…Christian Tietje (Owner and Winemaker) sits down with Keith at Divino Wine and Spirits to talk about Christians semi-new project… Cypher Winery!  Anarchy, Unconventional Rhone Blend, Paso Robles…Break some rules! We know a typical Rhone blend is Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre but we wanted to shake things up a bit, plus we are Zinfandel geeks! So, we pumped up the spice with a chunk of Zin and kept the Mourvedre for its dark funk and wrapped it all in a velvety veil of Syrah. With warm cherry notes, rich, vibrant backbone and lingering burnt sugar finish – this wine is like a gentle, loving, slap to the face…it’s all in good fun!  Please visit www.DivinoWine.com and www.CypherWinery.com.

Part 2 of 2 (click the pic)

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Colorado Cider

Wineguys Radio October 15th 2011 (segment 4 of 4) We had a great great show.. Cider and Wine and not just ordinary Cider and Wine. Colorado Cider and Italian wine were on the table or is that in the Studio? Both you can say since we have a table in the Studio. This first segment we have Brad from Colorado Cider talking about Apples turned into an Adult Refreshment. The Colorado Cider Company was founded to produce a fresh hard cider for the discerning Colorado drinker. With a well-developed craft beer market and an educated populace Hard Cider has been a missing choice in the cacophony of craft drinks in local pubs and liquor stores. We hope to remedy that!  Visit www.ColoradoCider.com for a whole lot more info on this Great Cider Company in Colorado.

Wineguys radio