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Aiko Pops

Wineguys Radio February 4th 2012 Aiko Pops

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About Aiko: Our little family started making Aiko Pops in 2011. We have traveled all over the world discovering taste sensations and experiencing many cultures and their flavors. That combined with years of pimping out specialty foods and working in all sorts of kitchens are just some of the ingredients that make up Aiko Pops. Please visit www.AikoPops.com

Tawny & LBV

Wineguys TV and Quinta do Portal

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Thanks to Divino Wine and Spirits (www.divinowine.com ) for accommodating Wineguys TV. Today William Davis and Pedro Branco finish talk about the Quinta do Portal Tawny and LBV Porto.  Drinking a glass of Quinta Port is drinking through the history of a region. Our Port wines are elegant, fresh, approachable and really pleasant wines. We agree here at Wineguys Tv.. So please ask your retailer for Quinta do Portal. You will be happy you did !!!  Visit www.QuintadoPortal.com for more information.

Dave Guffy of Hess

Wineguys TV’ s Keith Miller sits down with Dave in part 2 of his interview at Kevin Taylor’s Restaurant here in Denver. Visit www.HessCollection.com and ask for Hess at your Local Retailer…

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David Guffy, Director of Winemaking: David is in the vineyards year-round. “I learned very early that I have to walk the vines. During harvest, I continually taste the grapes to keep an eye on the maturity of flavors and tannins to ensure the best expression of a particular vineyard. As a student I loved Cabernet, especially from Napa Valley and it inspired me to go into winemaking.

Hess Collection

Wineguys TV… Keith Miller sits down (and gets really nervous at the beginning.. but he calms down) with Dave Guffy at Kevin Taylor’s here in Denver, Colorado to talk about Dave’s background and his current position as Winemaker for Hess Collection.  Please visit www.HessCollection.com

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Wineguys Radio Pre Show !!!

Wineguys Radio Pre Show on Video..This is how we do it !!!

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With the abundance of brands to choose from, Wineguys Radio (Live on 760AM Clear Channel every Saturday from 11 till Noon) was formed to help with educating and informing the consumer. The radio show is a natural progression for Wineguys TV—radio and the Internet are logical complements to one another. The show will even be streamed live on the internet during the broadcast also.