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Super Bowl Wines

Superbowl Wines…or, two sides of the same coin

Posted on February 4, 2012 by William Davis


Ladies and Gents,

I’m looking at 18 inches of snow on the ground in Denver. More importantly, I look forward to driving up to Avalanche Ranch in the Rocky Mountains this weekend for our yearly tradition of tasting wine and watching the Superbowl. Dave Moore (of Divino Wine and Spirits on Broadway) and I have had a running bet on who wins the game, and, last year, I lost. There may be those of you out there that enjoy wearing skirts, but dressing in drag in below-zero weather AND paying for dinner sucks. Now, we take up a number of wines to taste with the occupants in the 15 cabins or so on the property, but, we always have what we call ‘the second box’, the wines we will enjoy when the valley has gone to bed. The wines that we enjoy at the hot springs 20 yards from the guesthouse, and the wines we guzzle while watching the big game…

So, Superbowl Wines….what do you drink?

For Superbowl, you take 3 wines. A red, a white, and a bottle of bubbly. Permit me to elucidate…

Red is for the meatfest; when surrounded by protein and snow, the bigger red, the better. I like Syrah or a big Cab myself. Grunt. It’s good for you.

White for halftime and for the dip. Riesling. Don’t care, dry or sweet. Goes with everything, and there always is a lady around. The Superbowl invites all, large and small, man and woman, quarterback or defensive end. After all, this is the one time of year where bets are made based on the color scheme of the players’ uniform…

Bubbly. At the end of the game, someone has to celebrate. Cava works just as well as Grower Champagne. I just hope this year it’s Dave wearing the makeup…



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